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THE BEACH BOYS The Best Of (Vinyl)

Product No.: 2016-4025
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Format: Vinyl 2LP
Label: Capitol Records 1C 148-80 891/892
Release: 1973
Condition: VG

Super Zusammenstellung großer Hits von den Beach Boys, auf zwei LPs im Klappcover. Sehr guter Zustand.

A1     Do You Wanna Dance? 2:17
A2     Good To My Baby 2:15
A3     Don't Hurt My Little Sister 2:06
A4     When I Grow Up 2:01
A5     Help Me, Rhonda 3:06
A6     Dance, Dance, Dance1:59
B1     Please Let Me Wonder 2:44
B2     I'm So Young     2:30
B3     Kiss Me, Baby 2:34
B4     She Knows Me Too Well 2:28
B5     In The Back Of My Mind 2:07
B6     Bull Session With The "Big Daddy"2:22
C1     Fun, Fun, Fun 2:16
C2     Don't Worry Baby 2:45
C3     In The Parkin' Lot 1:55
C4     "Cassius" Love VS "Sonny" Wilson 3:30
C5     The Warmth Of The Sun 2:47
C6     This Car Of Mine 1:35
D1     Why Do Fools Fall In Love 2:05
D2     Pom, Pom Play Girl 1:27
D3     Keep An Eye On Summer 2:17
D4     Shut Down, Part II 2:05
D5     Louie, Louie 2:21
D6     Denny's Drums 1:55

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